Its that time of year again – Tick season is upon us!!  With the warm weather ticks are already moving around.

Ticks are parasites that attach to the animal and feed on its blood. They are attracted to motion, body heat and the carbon dioxide exhaled by animals.  The bite itself is not painful but they can transmit diseases within a few hours and this is why control is so important.  Regular tick checks should be part of your daily routine if you or your pet have been in wooded areas or tall grass.

Some of the diseases ticks transmit are: Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Ehrlichiosis.  These diseases can be very debilitating and deadly.

Prevention is the best way to keep these creepy crawlies from attaching.  Keep your yard free of long grass and dead leaves as they like to hide in it.  Treat your animals with tick prevention products regularly.  After walks or hikes in wooded areas be sure to check yourself and your pet for these little pests.